Detox Diet London

Detox Diet London


Detox Diet London

Detox Diet London Project

We created this webpage for an online magazine. We used WordPress as CMS and we also followed the best practices and guidelines. We also installed a premium Ad system. The final presentation is a bespoke and responsive web portal.

The Optimisation

Detox Diet London’ website has Ads on the sidebars on the home page and links to the latest article published in the magazine.

We have installed an SEO Plugin, which helps with the following characteristics:

Enhancing title, adding ALT=text to pictures, interlinking pages, favicon and a sitemap. The website is also liked to official social channels and verified.

Webpage load time optimised with a cache plugin to speed up content delivery.

The Result

The website is easy to navigate by humans and crawl by search engines. Targeting Arts, Culture & Entertainment, Business/Finance, Gaming, History, Insurance, Jewellery, Movies & Cinema, Education, Fashion, Food & Drink, Lifestyle/Health, Law and Legal, Professional Services, Real Estate, Science, Sports, Technology, Travel, Transport, Watches and Time Pieces and World News.

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